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Are you searching for top-tier escort services in Vaucluse? Look no further. I am here to cater to discerning gentlemen who seek the company of sophisticated and luxurious companions. It is highly likely that those in search of female companionship in Vaucluse are well-traveled, educated, and prosperous individuals — the kind of gentleman I truly enjoy spending time with. However, unless I openly share my availability through my website, how will you know? It only makes sense, right?

Vaucluse Escorts with a Difference

The eastern suburbs offer a stunning locale with breathtaking waterfront properties and panoramic views. Imagine yourself in your spacious mansion, enjoying a drink by the pool, craving some company. You’re tired of browsing through the same escort directories and seeing cookie-cutter profiles of girls who all blend together. That’s precisely why I don’t advertise there.

But somehow, you stumbled upon my website, where you won’t find lingerie-clad images or explicit content. It’s different here. Countless clients have shared that they were intrigued by the absence of nudity, leading them to book with me. Nudity has never been my style; it lacks sophistication and feels like a present without elegant wrapping. The refined gentlemen who seek my companionship desire more than just a sexy facade — they understand it without needing to say it outright. Let’s meet in person, and you can show me your stunning view and inviting pool. Perhaps we’ll even enjoy a skinny dip together, sipping on a glass of exquisite vintage French champagne.

For inquiries about overnight dates, please reach out to me via email at I specialize in providing high-class escort service , luxury companionship, as an elite VIP escort. Whether you’re in Double Bay, Vaucluse, NYC, Singapore, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, or Melbourne, my services extend internationally, catering to the refined tastes of discerning clientele. Experience the intimacy and refinement you deserve with a private and independent escort like no other.

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Vaucluse Escorts

Speaking of the high end properties of Vaucluse and Easter suburbs locations….   Perhaps you’re in a massive waterfront mansion by yourself ( wife away on a shopping trip in Hong Kong or Paris) and your nursing a drink by the pool by yourself, flicking through your phone for some company . You go to the usual escort directories, like scarlet blue and escorts and babes but all the girls blend in the same. Lot’s of half naked girls old enough to be your daughter , an after a while they all look the same. I know… I know… 

But somehow you came across my website.

No lingerie or nudity here… mmm this is different. To be honest, If I had a dollar every time someone has said to me ” I made a booking with you because there was no nudity on your site and I was intrigued” I would be rich… I mean richer. Nudity has never been something I wanted to post online.. it is sort of low rent, and it is a little like getting a present without the fancy wrapping.

Sophisticated gentleman who are looking for sophisticated company are looking for something a little more then just a sexy booty. You know what I am talking about without having to say it right?

Let’s meet… and show me your view and pool.. I might even skinny dip… my favourite champagne is.. well almost all the french bubbly is good… vintage by preference..

Overnight Date – $5000

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tel – 0400 992 626

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